Passage [2018 instrumental]
[all songs written by Dave V Wright, saxophone J.M.N.]
2. Everyday

End Of Works [2017 instrumental]
[all songs written by Roberto Rabosio, saxophone J.M.N]
2. Five And Three
5. Naxos Wind
9. Constant Speed
11.End Of Works

Constellations [2017 instrumental]
[all songs written and performed by J.M.N]
1. Inside Out
2. One In All
3. No Visual Only Sound
4. Impro No. 1
5. No Logic In Love
6. Going Home
7. Impro No. 2
8. Downslope
9. Say Once Again You Love Me
10.Green Meadows
11.Children Playing
13.History Repeating
14.Song For Julie
15.Time For Change
16.No Visual Only Sound Alt. Version


The Neon Lulu [2017 instrumental]
[all songs written and performed by J.M.N]The Neon Lulu
1. Both Sides
2. The Neon Lulu [Guitar Bruno Costanzi]
3. Ordinary Odd
4. She Said No [Guitar Bruno Costanzi]
5. Song For Emma


Between the lines [2016 instrumental]
[all songs written and performed by J.M.N]
1. Between The LinesBetween The Lines
2. Indiasize
3. Inflight
4. A’ La Carte
5. Slow Freeze
6. Bouncing Blues [Piano Henrik Tue Bjerg]
7. Pulled Pork
8. Aunties Jam
9. Travelling
10.Old Soup, New Spoon [Guitarsolo Bruno Costanzi]

Mismatch [2013 instrumental]

[all songs written and performed by J.M.N]
1. Revalue [Guitar Jean Pierre Craft]
2. Irish Stew
3. Now What
4. Mr. Moore
5. Marketplace [Piano Henrik Tue Bjerg]
6. Global Blues [Guitar Tony Campisi & Jean Pierre Craft]
7. Mismatch
8. In Absentia
9. Lobentanz

Saxophone, Inc. [2011 instrumental]
[all songs written and produced by J.M.N exept*, written and produced by Henrik Tue Bjerg]
1. The inspector
2. Shaken 3. Saxophone, Inc.
4. Morphing
5. 24-7
6. Floating
7. 2 of a kind*
8. Leaving for the pleasure of returning
9. Dancing camels
10.Once long ago

Diversity, -is a good thing! [2010]
[all songs written and performed by J.M.N, vocals Helene Budde ]
1. Plain love
2. Noone says it
3. On my mind
4. Her voice
5. Spooky
6. Blinded
7. World Wide Wonders
8. Turn the lights off
9. Don’t forget

Saxolo [2009 Instrumental]
[all songs written and performed by J.M.N]
1. Samoa
2. Mellow [guitar Raffe]
3. Mountain song
4. Going up [rhodes Henrik Tue Bjerg, vocals The Rooftop Reactions]
5. Alone again
6. Falling leaves
7. Storm P. [piano Henrik Tue Bjerg]